5 reasons why you should listen to your PT


If you’ve hired a personal trainer and it wasn’t what it was cracked out to be – you didn’t hit your goals, you didn’t lose weight and you fell back into that rut of not enjoying exercise – then it’s understandable if you don’t exactly trust fitness professionals. But health and fitness coach Jamie Lloyd has 5 reasons why you should listen to your PT.

1. A holistic approach

If your personal trainer is worth their salt, they’ll be knowledgeable on nutrition and give you sound advice or even food plans to help you stay on track. You might have heard that getting in shape is half exercise, half nutrition. The truth is, nutrition is 100% of reaching your goals: all the training in the world won’t help you lose weight if you’re eating 10,000 calories of high sugar and fried foods a day. So instead of going for that 11am mocha and muffin, listen to your trainer and make sure you eat a healthy high-protein breakfast instead. With your PT’s advice, let nutrition and exercise lead the way to top results.

Practicing what they preach means they can add a lot of experience as well as knowledge to your sessions.


2. We know how you feel

Don’t go thinking that your PT is just there to bark orders. Most personal trainers have either come from a background in competitive sport, the military or have a serious passion for fitness, so they will have trained in all weathers, experienced many a grueling session and followed a strict healthy eating program at some point in their lives. Practicing what they preach means they can add a lot of experience as well as knowledge to your sessions.

3. Every day is a school day

Most trainers will want to keep your training fresh and interesting, so they’ll be staying ahead of the game by going on continuous training or education program. I personally invest thousands of pounds a year on my education whether it’s buying books on nutrition and training or attending courses. Keeping up with new developments in a fast-moving industry means you can provide clients with top-notch cutting edge information. So if you’re wanting to improving week on week, year on year, an in-the-know PT will help you get there.

4. Stay safe from injury

Most trainers deal with all sorts of people with varying degrees of injuries, ailments and goals each day. In order to deal with this variety of clients, PTs have a vast knowledge of injuries and rehabilitation as well as sound training in fitness and nutrition. Working with them as opposed to training yourself could keep you safer and more injury-free.

5. Tried and tested

Look, the life of a PT isn’t always going to be easy. Like most jobs, you make mistakes. But this actually benefits you as a client: making mistakes and learning from them, and trying and testing methods will make it more likely for you to reach your goals.

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